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Joining is simple, free and allows you to obtain many advantages.If you are a manufacturing company, a restaurant, a professional in the sector or if you simply love real Italian food and wine, sharing the purposes of Protecting, Promoting and Preserving the real products and typical food products, wineries and culinary Made in Italy then it is possible to associate getting different advantages, including:

  • Being able to develop your own brand in Asia through support in the implementation and implementation of the promotion plan and your own social media marketing campaign (also for wechat in China)

  • To be informed about all the sector news

  • Being able to be supported with internationalization consultancy activities aimed at preferential conditions

  • Being able to receive free spaces in the dedicated sector platforms for the promotion of one's brand or professional figure.

  • Being able to participate for free in events such as seminars, workshops, international trade fairs and exhibitions, tastings, sponsorships, cooking classes and many other industry events (or at preferential conditions)

  • Being able to obtain free advertising both at the level of newspapers and social media marketing activities

  • Being able to protect its brands, its image and its products from counterfeits both nationally and internationally, both online and offline

  • Access to non-repayable loans for the development of your business and / or products


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