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The Association "Institute for the protection, promotion and preservation of the origin of agri-food and wine products Made in Italy", with registered office and main office in Perugia, is organized with various local units and secondary offices throughout the national territory and with offices operating abroad.


It is a multi-person, non-partisan and apolitical structure, with institutionally democratic and non-profit organization, with an indefinite duration, governed by the discipline referred to in title I chapter III, art. 36 and following of the civil code, the statute and any applicable law. The association, through its own organs, will be able to create other offices, representative offices and delegations.


The institute is committed to promoting and protecting Made in Italy, in the agri-food and wine sector, as a fundamental heritage of Italian culture and tradition, working to counter the phenomenon of Italian Sounding in the world. Furthermore, it collaborates with manufacturing companies, international importers and distributors, institutions, associations, hotels and restaurants, chefs and sector experts, opinion leaders and food bloggers, as well as developing partnerships with all the organizations that want to promote the real Made in Italy in the world.



The Italian food and wine heritage is one of the strengths of our country, whose products reach the most varied international markets, reflecting themselves in a huge commercial success. Qualitatively competitive food and wine specialties meet the increased expectations of typicality and reputation.


However, precisely because of their success, typical Italian productions are subject to counterfeiting and imitation in international markets. The phenomenon in question, progressively developed, has reached huge economic dimensions. In fact, there are many economic actors who place imitations on the market that recall the alleged Italianness through the assonance of the name, origin or tricolor graphic design, but which in reality of Italian have nothing whatsoever, both at the level of origin that of quality.


It is precisely in this context that we can outline the Institute's Mission: to forge partnerships with manufacturing companies, restaurants, sector professionals and with all those who have Italian agrifood and winemaking excellence at heart, going to counteract the phenomena of counterfeiting such as the Italian Sounding.



Outside the Italian peninsula there is a demand for Made in Italy that has been well established for some time now, and among the various sectors the demand for food and wine products is booming in several emerging countries. By now there is the awareness that the Italian food and wine and food sector can grow significantly abroad, but more support is always needed from the local regulations of the reference countries, which do not help to safeguard the quality of Italian food and drink, making free, without intervening too much, the marketing of non-authentic Italian products, which strongly impact the economy of real Made in Italy products.


Therefore, the Vision of the Institute is reflected in protecting, promoting and preserving Made in Italy agri-food and wine products abroad through information culture, control activities, organization of events and collaborations of various kinds.


Made in Italy represents a heritage of immense value and as such must be protected!



The Institute and its collaborators operate first of all as lovers of Italy, its food and wine products and its agriculture. The passion for Italian excellence has meant that this Association was founded following moral and ethical principles, such as trust, transparency, humanity and living well. It is believed that, in addition to passion, spreading the culture for the Italian food and wine heritage and contrasting those who damage it takes advantage of its fame is the key to protecting the reputation of Made in Italy excellence and consumer perception. For these reasons, the Institute is committed to: paying particular attention to the interests of consumers and to producers who compete with those who promote and market non-authentic Made in Italy products; to maintain an absolute professional integrity, with the utmost respect for all those who work by sharing the interests of the Institute; seek continuous improvement in all activities through innovation; listen to consumers and understand their culture through confrontation aimed at gaining value for both parties.


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